Homemade paneer.
Was inspired by this post and decided to make some saag paneer because Caitlin was coming over for lunch and we both love Indian food.
I was smiling with amazement because I had no idea how simple it was to make!

To make:
Bring a gallon of whole milk to a boil (taking care to stir as it heats up)
 Add juice of lemon or lime until milk splits from whey (I used around four small meyer lemons)
Remove from heat and pour into a cheesecloth-lined strainer
 (making sure to reserve whey– it can be used for many things)
 Tie to your faucet and let the rest of the whey drip out
 Slice and serve!
 The saag paneer recipe I used is here... so so good!


silvia said...

wow, that looks simple enough! i love the process photos. thanks for posting! :)

Jaime Rugh said...

My favorite, cannot wait to try it!

Unknown said...

wow! amazing! i cannot believe it's so easy to make. i will try this myself for sure!

lauren said...

yum! this is exactly how i make my homemade ricotta(just not quite as pressed). it was the same thing - i had no idea how easy it was to make(and it was so dangerous once i figured it out :) )

anne louise said...

oh wow. that looks so easy; why is it so expensive to buy?!

will make some asap, yum yum yum

dianne@icefloe said...

I really have to say that your blog is my utter favourite right now. I've tried so many new simple food things since I started reading it. THIS IS GOING ON THE LIST.

Merci BEAUcoup. x

ashley said...

dianne! so happy to hear you've tried out some of the recipes!

yes people... so easy!

Kelly said...

Ooh, that looks lovely. And I LOVE paneer. Well just about any cheese really;)