We've been camped out in our living room since I've been painting the bedroom.
 Thought I was finished painting this morning 
 until I peeled back the tape from the ceiling and it ripped off ALL the layers of paint!
But do you see the sweet little daisy wallpaper underneath? 
At least that was nice.
Definitely called for a cup of coffee before I began to spackle!


Anonymous said...

That is too bad about the wall, but how would it look if you left it alone? Maybe a wabi-sabi piece, or does your photo just make it look pretty?

ashley said...

haha, i wish, i think it'd be nice if it was like that in patches, but it's seriously all around the ceiling! a huge stripe!

Unknown said...

oh! that's alright though. are you repainting the ceiling? maybe you live it just like that and get a glimpse of some blossoms underneath the paint :) i love your coffee mug. did you make it yourself?

SASHA said...

PAINTING IS SO HARD AND TAKES SO LONG. when it's done, it's so crazy to think it took so much to paint a white wall! i was astounded at how many hours it took for me to paint my white kitchen and the floor. and it's already chipped! my mom's advice: keep a ball jar of the paint inside a cabinet so whenever it chips you can touch it up easily, without having to get out the whole can:)))