Dying some fibers with black beans,
a tip I learned from my friend Tessa...
(soak beans overnight and reserve water from soaking)
It produces such a nice purple/grey color!


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

A lovely idea.

anette said...

i just found your comment, kind of late but i am happy i finally did, thank you!
i visit regularly but never found the right words to comment so this is a good reason to do so and tell you that i love your food posts very much, cooked some of them, all very good but the poached eggs are still a serious challenge!
and i like the felted "furs" and being able to follow a different but very sympathetic life(style).
today i was thinking that i should dye some light yarn for some ikat weaving and you did it already and i am very curious about your results.

ENSUITE said...

Ah!ah! You soak beans then... ;)
You know, sometimes I wait until legumes start to germinate in the water (I stopwhen I see a tiny white dot on some seeds), then I gently steam them at 95°C.

ashley said...

oh yeah, i think i'll try just steaming them.. godd idea to sprout them too.