Was cleaning out our spice cupboard and realized I had everything to make chai, 
so I made a batch accompanied with some homemade almond milk (wink wink Sasha;)
I could have gulped down all the almond milk before even putting it in my chai, 
it was so delicious and easy!
All you need is a blender (which I was recently gifted– such a great tool)
Soak almonds over night, blend with water, and strain!
My friend Sam suggests a few dates for sweetness, but I didn't have any on hand.

Oh and can't wait to see this tomorrow!
For some reason her work gives me goosebumps,
it's strange because I don't particularly relate to dance at all,
but her dance is something special


Alyson Redding said...

Perfect for a dreary day like today. Where did that awesome spring fake-out go? Shooooot!

ashley said...

I know... seriously. I was so pumped about the sunshine, wahhh. So sick of this weather

Cheryl said...

Since going dairy free I have been making almond milk everyday. It is a great substitute for milk. I like my almond milk sweet so I add dates and a 1/2 tbsp of vanilla. Is the chai you make spicy? It looks so pretty in the pan.

ashley said...

yes to almond milk! I could chug a whole gallon.

as for the chai, i like it really strong and spicy. i even added cayenne pepper this time to give it some kick and it was delicious!

trees and what not said...

PIna is a overwhelmingly amazing, you will not be disappointed x

lauren said...

can you share your chai recipe? looks so good!

ashley said...

lauren, yes! i seriously free-balled it though... since i like it really strong i just decided to toss a bunch of stuff i know is suppose to go in there times three!

4 whole anise pods
10 green cardamom pods (cracked)
3 cinnamon sticks
dash of clove powder (whole cloves are probably even better)
4 bay leaves
tbsp red peppercorns
few dashes cayenne
five slices of fresh ginger
black tea (i used the stuff that kind of looks like coffee, but id imagine any black tea works, maybe pg tips?)

ashley said...

oh! and water, duh... i used a fairly big pot and just filled it up 3/4 full and after i was done transfered it to a large glass jug.

lauren said...

thanks so much! i always have my almond milk plain or hot with matcha and honey and this will be great to add to the repertoire.

lauren said...

one more dumb question... how much tea are you putting in for this amount of spices?

ashley said...

oh lots. this time i was like 'fuck it' i'm putting three bags (the kind you stuff yourself, so they were really full) i like it really strong