Asparagus with tomato bacon stew (from TK's Ad Hoc)
Jen was generous enough to give us the rest of her jarred tomatoes since she was leaving for Sweden,
so we thought this dish would make the perfect lunch since we had the asparagus.
Here is my rendition:
Cook 1'' lardons in cast iron with a touch of water (so it doesn't get crispy), transfer bacon onto paper towel and fry some chopped onions and leeks in fat until translucent, add tomatoes and reduce sauce, blend half of the mixture in blender then return to pan, add bacon, serve over asparagus that has been simmered in salted veg stock


Anonymous said...

where are all of your utensils (forks, spoons) and bowls from?!

ashley said...

hi! they are mostly from thrift shops, but the one in this post is Heath and the white plates below are from a potter in oakland named jered nelson and the metal utensils are from ikea..

hana ryan said...

i'm trying to cut out coffee, too. so hard. thank you for posting these!