Visited Jered Nelson's studio in Berkeley to pull some ceramics for a special project I was working on. 
It's the most calming space: lots of warm light, music humming in the back, 
and endless pieces of beautiful ceramics made from local California clay.
He is an incredible potter with a very impressive resume.
Looking forward to sharing more images of his work soon!

I found these little plates in his "seconds" room to take home. 
We took Michael Pollan's good advice of eating off smaller plates–
it honestly makes such a huge difference in how much you eat!


Jennifer said...

Your posts are always a like a breath of fresh air Ashley.
Thanks...beautiful pottery & studio, beautiful images.

Various Projects said...


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

It looks like a a great space, and I love your little plate.

Anonymous said...

this is so lovely. the perfect morning read/inspiration.

Ashley said...

You have such pretty photos, and I love Pollan's book In Defense of Food, I keep passing it around to friends. I just tell them, it's what we always thought, but spelled out in book form :)

Jered said...

Hello Ashley,
Thank you for the kind words and great pictures of the pottery.