Lovely day, lovely day
Alyson is getting ready to embark on an incredible journey
 and in preparation had a little home sale yesterday.
 I brought homemade chai, which I discovered is great with coconut milk because I don't like to use sugar and Alyson made amazing lemon bars.
Her apartment is super cozy, which made it such an inviting and comfortable way to shop!


emma said...

great idea for the coconut milk! and try honey/agave!

alexa said...

Ashley - what is your chai recipe like? I've been working on the perfect chai and I'm curious, yours looks amazing!

Suzy said...

Mmm I immediately want to make a cake and drink chai (also very good with rice milk :))

Anonymous said...

i'm more and more convinced you should be a photographer. no one catches moments like you.

ashley said...

Alexa- I am still figuring a solid recipe, but realized the first time I made it I don't think I used the right ratio of spices to water. But here is what I did this last time:

Fill large pot with distilled water, bring to simmer, add in two tea bags full of assam tea, two bay leaves, 6 roughly sliced pieces of ginger, three cinnamon sticks, a few shakes of ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon cloves, 12 green cardamon seeds (pinched to release flavor), two anise flowers, and a tablespoon each black and red peppercorn (like it kind of spicy)

The trick I found was adding coconut milk which seemed to make the tea taste more full bodied