Rati from Anica photographed in Leigh Wells studio. See more photos here.
Where does Anica come from? 
It was my mom's idea, it means charismatic in Hindi.

What are you excited about for Spring?
Long sleeveless dresses and color!

Describe your style...
It changes daily depending on my mood, today it's APC's kind of awkward cut bermuda denim shorts and a red crew neck sweater.

What are you listening to/reading?
I'm reading "The Ten Thousand Things" by Maria Dermout and listening to Owen Penglis/Straight Arrows.

Top three restaurants in San Francisco?
Zuni, La Ardois, La Ciccia

Favorite things to do in San Francisco?
Too many things. Sundays are  my day off and I love spending them at the Alameda Flea Market, Flora Grubb or in the Sunset at Trouble Coffee eating cinnamon toast and coconut milk.

Daily routine...
Yoga, gym or walk to Alamo Square from my apt in Hayes valley, chai and avocado on toast with my computer, vintage shopping for the store or a photo shoot for the site, anica all day, making dinner, read, fish oil and bed!

Favorite easy recipe...
For winter its cauliflower sauteed with cumin, dried apricots and chickpeas over cous cous or quinoa. I can eat it twice a week.

Thanks Rati!


Jessi Finn said...

I love her leather bag.

Jennifer said...

So beautiful Ashley.
Great setting and I am enamored with her style!

R.G. said...

love, love!
your photos are so beautiful.

Kathryn said...

I love this bag!

ashley said...

the bag is by erin templeton, you can purchase it on her site!

SASHA said...

if i wore shorts i would definitely wear those red ones. in fact, they make me re-think my whole non-shorts wearing life:))

nazara said...

this is so wonderful!

carolyn said...

this is awesome - anica is my favorite neighborhood store, amazing clothes and such a cute spot. Rati is lovely!