Went for a walk in the rain and stumbled upon the Egan House, so beautiful!


Jennifer said...

Where is this in Seattle? I never saw this when I lived there!
Ashley, I visited IKO IKO yesterday based on your recommendation to see the Katy Krantz show. Wow- loved the store and the show, and I loved seeing one of your felted necklaces in person!

SASHA said...

oooo (to the house + yr shoes:)))

Strath said...

I love that place – I'm not sure if it's true but when I was a kid I always heard that they built the house around a gigantic pipe organ.

Rollomite said...

It's even cooler on the inside! I visited it last summer, during an open house hosted by Historic Seattle and Docomomo WEWA.

Check out this link for more info on the Egan House: