I am doing a special column of photo interviews for Letter to Jane magazine and I am wondering what your favorite things to see from other people are?
So far, mine are:
contents of your bag




Anna Wetzel said...

Medicine cabinets, vanities, fruit bowl tableaux -- these little shrines to wellbeing and attractiveness.

And if someone has VHS tapes in their library, I like to see what they have hung on to...

marie said...

these ones definitely! + kitchen cupboard:)

sasha said...

inside of the fridge.

sasha said...

record/cd shelves+
book shelves+
what's on the walls.

Finn said...

-book shelves
-record shelves
-movie shelves
-jewelry box
(collections, it seems)

Unknown said...

hello ashley, so sorry to have missed you earlier this month but I hope we'll run into one another the next time you're in the Bay. I love spying on workspaces and everything that goes along with them (notebooks & sketchbooks, lists, tool boxes, inspiration boards, little collections...) Right now I love Lisa Congdon's A Collection A Day and from this winter, Arthur Hash' working view posts and


Shayna said...

oh, I second the bag/purse and the kitchen cupboard or fridge.

; said...

yes all of those + what's on your walls, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom ;)

Unknown said...

*Favorite items of clothing
*Things you can't live without

melindatrees said...

bedside table
recipe books
sock drawer
jewellery box
soap/soap dish
kitchen sink
flower arrangement

filzquadrat said...

the entrance!

I'm Revolting said...

medicine cabinets and bookshelves and pets and collections of random leaves and rocks that they can't bear to throw away.

Ben said...

I think those ones you mentioned capture things pretty good. Those everyday things that people spend their time with, in, and daily rituals they partake in. Getting into record collections and such could become a whole new thing