Reposting some images that I accidentally deleted from that photobucket... Anyone know how to use flickr to resize images? I just realized I have to pay for photobucket!
Margiela + Yoji shoes
Majiela trench


Reuben said...

i believe you can resize images on and it's free. cheers

ashley said...

Thanks so much! Yeah, much easier :)

eri said...

that's weird. i use photobucket and don't pay anything...?

i love the house shots from Giovanna of Una. Una is one of my favorite shops in Portland so it makes sense that her house is amazing!

ashley said...

hmm.. it said i was almost over the limit and would have to pay soon so i deleted them, which deleted them off my blog! oops... i will keep trying then, because it's easiest! thanks though

rebekah said...

It's easy to resize images on flickr. You just need to select the "edit photo" option above the image and it will open up Picnik, which has a lot of free options for editing your photos.