Since the New Year we have decided to be a little bit more active in seeing/doing all the touristy Seattle things. We read an article about how people living in a city rarely see/do as much as tourists that visit the city for just a few days, which I found to be true for me since I have yet to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge! We started with brunch at Boat Street Cafe!

Then walked up to Queene Anne for an incredible view at Kerry Park. We were going to go on the Space Needle but it was like $17.50 or something ridiculous, so we walked up the hill to see this view of the city, which I though was way nicer anyway!

Doris Chase (1971) sculpture

Paul Horiuchi (1962) mosaic


SASHA said...

i love the bottom photo.
thanxxxxx 4 the tutorial.
except now everything on the page is too wide!?

Jennifer said...

Ashley, somehow I missed this. You are living in Seattle now?
I lived there before I moved to L.A.

I have one tip for now: Schmitz Park. West Seattle. Go to there.
Pacific NW old growth forest. It's magical.