How devastating is the tragedy in Haiti.... ugh it makes my stomach turn. I pray that all the families of the women Verrettes are safe. In 2007 I worked with the co-op Famn Veret to develop a line of computer and i-phone cases from felt with Dutch journalist Ton Vriens. They have since produced beautiful products from the organic, plant-dyed wool I use. Please read more here and support them by purchasing one. You can also help by purchasing anything at Heath Ceramics, 25% will be donated to Architecture for Humanity's earthquake reconstruction efforts in Haiti.



Le Loup said...

Love this post.
Love this work.
Bless everyone in Haiti & their famiies around the world.

minnie said...

this breaks my heart, and think of them all the time, as i have their little dollys with me to think of them. i pray they are safe,a nd their country will heal.