We are still working on our little IMPROMPTU venture and today made samples for an in-house venue.


QUILCEDA FARM Italian goat sausage with OXBOW red kale/garlic/rosemary sauteƩ

PORT MADISON hot pepper goat cheese with NASH apricot yum

We had it later as a little snack on sliced bread- so good!


SASHA said...

yum. last year i made blood orange marmalade that i ate every day til it was gone in an omelette w. cracked blacked pepper + goat cheese. it sounds off, but i wonder if for something like this you could do one of your sandwiches w. your apricot jam + goat cheese + a hard boiled egg (the jam in the omelette was the best)?! no, i think the textures would not work at all... but maybe... will have to try + see + let you know!

even eve said...