Molly showed me this amazing book that she had got at Kinokuniya while I was back and I decided that I had to get one too. I could spend an hour looking over each page! What I love most is that they are people's real kitchens, no frills, no styling, I just love seeing how people live!


Penelope said...

What a great magazine! I love kitchens, it's where the food is! I especially love real kitchens like this, with all the unmatchy things and the handed-down pots and pans. I think my favourite kind of vintage is kitchen stuff. And shed stuff.

Une poignée d'abeille... said...

Hi Ashley, I'd love to buy that book, i've been to their site but I can't find it :(( Could you help me please... actually we are planing to creat a new kitchen in our flat.
A plus tard jolie fille