Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco Thanksgiving! We had to clean out our fridge, so we decided to do a mash up of everything in our fridge- somehow it turned out to be not so bad!

1 japanese turnips and candy cane beets

2 garlic, yellow bell pepper and hot green pepper

3 purple kale and cabbage

4 baby spinach

5 cracked egg

6 shrimps!


SASHA said...

your food looks so great, ashley, but: is that pan non-stick? toxic teflon, read this:
cast iron, cast iron, cast iron! the way to go...i've found them at thrift stores over the years, if i find another i'll send it to you so you can be rid of scary non-stick!

GAIL said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Miles! Enjoy a break from the rain.