1 bread salad. i know this has been done before, but it was so nice to get to tear day-old bread that had hardened into arugula/spinach/tomato/onion mix and top with the best olive oil (REGINA) i felt like i had invented something special!

2 newspaper place mats

3 sausage and roasted cauliflower. kind of a weird combo, but i am in love with baked cauliflower :)

4 today i realized i only like recipes with no more than 5 ingredients. K.I.S.= keep it simple


SASHA said...

i love the paper placemats.

Marchi Wierson said...

I agree with sasha. the arrangement is so great. At first I thought your post said balked cauliflower, and I wondered what that is. haha. I need more coffee or glasses.