Ah, what a day! It was truly a dream of mine to be part of the Fashioning Felt exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt and today it came true. I demonstrated how to felt a rug from one sheep fleece and had the help of three strapping young men who became experts at the art by the end of the day. The weather was beautiful and everyone was so friendly. And look at Portia the sheep who provided her beautiful brown coat! More photos of finished rug to come... Thank you Erin!
Portia's wool
running and rolling

game of chase (and fulling)
dance party


melindatrees said...

how great :-)

Anonymous said...

so cool! i cant believe your hair its so long!!

GAIL said...

I love that wool!

Meri Melodee said...

I am experimenting with how to sign in to leave a comment! It is so nice to see beautiful you with beautiful Portia's wool in this photo ! <3

Meri Melodee said...

Oh... maybe this is a better way to go. Ive got it now :P